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With Christmas just around the corner, getting to blog has been harder and harder.

I know Jolene and Scott are eager to see some images from their wedding day. Being November we were expecting a scorcher of a day and while it was a little warm it it was far more pleasant the we first thought.

Jolene’s gown was stunning.

How cool is this car?
I think this is my absolute fav from the day !
This was a fun fun fun bridal party – the girls were totally hamin’ it up. And the boys – they did pretty well too (wink wink – you had to be there joke!)
Okay – another fav….
Thanks Scott and Jolene for sharing your special day with me!

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Lisa C - Congrats to Jolene and Scott, and another awesome job Sheila, they are a fun bunch and you captured it!!

Alice G - Great pics guy, love them!

Jo Martin version 2.0 - Wow what amazing pictures just love them ! I thinking I’m going to have a hard time trying to choose the ones I want. As always you’ve done an amazing job Sheila !!

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